Tired of being the best-kept secret in town?


You know you could be connecting with so many more clients. People who desperately need your help. You know that bringing in those clients would dramatically increase your revenue … and your profit.

You know those perfect-for-you people are out there, by the roomful, just waiting to discover you.

And you know that going into those rooms, networking, exchanging cards and giving your “elevator speech” isn’t getting you much, beyond that pile of business cards sitting on your desk. It’s a slow, frustrating process, making those connections one by one.

You’ve thought about revving things up. By being the speaker at those meetings. Taking your place at the front of the room and telling 20, 30, 50 people at once what you have to offer and why they need it. Capturing their interest, creating a deep desire for your service and positioning you as the ideal person to help them.

BUT … you hold back. You have no idea what you’d say. You’re not sure you’re all that interesting. Or you don’t know how to organize your thoughts. You’re worried about how you look and what people will think of you. You’re afraid someone will ask a question you can’t answer, or you’ll lose your train of thought, or stumble on your words. Maybe you’re just plain nervous about speaking in public, always have been.


What if you could deliver a talk that positioned you as the expert, the one who does what you do better than anyone else? What if you could captivate an audience … and teach them something at the same time? So they walk away with real value and with the knowledge that they need you?

And what if you could do all that – and more – even though you don’t think of yourself as a “natural” speaker?

The 60-Day Signature Talk Challenge will get you there.

Signature Talk ChallengeImagine yourself creating new, lucrative relationships every time you speak.

  • Growing your contact list so your business continues to expand over time.
  • Finding referral partners to spread the word and help you grow.
  • And leaving every gig with new clients. People who are eager to work with you right now. Ready to invest because it’s crystal clear how much you have to offer.

Eight live call-in sessions that show you all the steps to plan, create, market and deliver a signature talk that will attract clients. Of course every session is recorded so no matter how busy your schedule is, you can keep learning. Session ONE is Tuesday, June 16 at 4pm Central.

The 60-Day Signature Talk Challenge will make it easy for you to create a talk that really resonates with your audience. To look at your vast knowledge and expertise and choose the exact content that will have them hanging on every word. Wanting to know you better. Ready to buy from you.

You’ll get a format for what’s known as your Signature Talk. A flow that carries you (and your listeners) through your content naturally … so organizing your thoughts is never a problem again.

You’ll gain the flexibility to be present with your audience and eliminate your fear of “getting off track” or “losing your train of thought.”

When you know how to engage your listeners, you’ll be able to let go of any worries about your looks or your status or your education … or any of the other head trash that’s kept you from stepping into the spotlight. You can be confident and comfortable and in command of the room.

Because when you’re confident and comfortable and in command of the room … you are a magnet for the people who need your help.

So What’s this 60-Day Challenge About?

When you enroll now in the 60-Day Signature Talk Challenge, you receive:

  • Eight live call-in sessions that show you all the steps to plan, create, market and deliver a signature talk that will attract clients. Of course every session is recorded so no matter how busy schedule your schedule is, you can keep learning.
  • You’ll get ideas, strategies and practical tools to get you from “I think maybe I want to speak” all the way to saying “You can meet me at the back of the room to sign up now.”
  • On the subject of signing them up: you can call it the offer, the invitation or the call-to-action … it makes many speakers quake in their boots. How to avoid that slimy used-car-salesman feeling, and still give people a reason to buy – you’ll find out in the 60-Day Signature Talk Challenge.
  • Each call will have time for your questions, and no question is too small or too silly.
  • You’ll have a chance to practice parts of your talk, get feedback from me and learn how your words land with an actual audience. So you’ll be confident about your content when you give your first – or your next – talk. The two calls devoted entirely to practice set 60-Day Signature Talk Challenge apart from other virtual programs. You get actual real-time coaching to polish your skills.
  • Worried about how to get speaking engagements? We’ll cover what to say to the people who plan the meetings so they know you’re right for their members. And even how to tell them to introduce you. (Yes, there’s a trick to that.)
  • And then there’s The Challenge. You know how it is, sometimes, with virtual learning. It’s easy to do a lot of learning and no doing. This class will be different. You won’t just listen to a lecture. If you participate fully, by the end of the course you’ll have your first speaking engagement lined up and you’ll be ready to deliver a talk that wows them.
Why should you take this Signature Talk journey with me?

Catherine Johns‘Cause I have been down this road before. I know where the pitfalls are and I know how to move past them with ease.

The truth is, I am the farthest thing from a natural speaker. I was a wallflower as a kid. I would have graduated from college with a 4.0 if it hadn’t been for one bad grade. In Public Speaking.

You know my first career was in radio. But I set out to be a nurse! I stumbled into broadcasting; then quickly uncovered my gift for communication. Concise, clever, connecting with an audience … as long as I was coming out of the dashboard of their car.

It was another thing entirely to have people right there in the room looking back at me. That took some learning, advice from experts and a lot of practice. Which paid off because now people tell me all the time, “You have such Presence.” “You’re a natural speaker.”

It’s my pleasure – and my mission – to bring the benefit of all that learning and experience and Presence to business owners and professionals who have a message to share with the world.

And to rescue audiences from the talks that make their eyes glaze over. Like you, I’ve sat through many a meeting listening to a bunch of blahblahblah. Trying to resist the temptation to check my email or fiddle around on Facebook.

My goal is to make you so mesmerizing that your listeners actually listen. And learn. And reach for their wallets instead of their smartphones.

Don’t Take My Word for It … Look at the Results They Got

Lauri PolinskiMy big challenge was not knowing how to organize my thoughts in a way that will keep the audience engaged.

I don’t usually do well within structure. But through Catherine’s Signature Talk program – there was FLOW. It gave me a structure that didn’t feel so restrictive. So I felt like I could be more authentic in my presentation and connect with the audience in a real way. I didn’t feel so damn canned.

Since the program, when I spoke, I got rave reviews and people commented on how I connected with them. And, most of them signed up for strategy sessions with me.”

Laurie Polinski, Absolute Certainty Coaching

Carla Hatchett Schwille“Catherine’s Signature Talk Program gave me some direction and security in addition to skill. She held the place of confidence for me until I got it myself.

I now feel confident enough to talk about my product and I understand the importance of having an authentic conversation instead of spitting out a memorized speech. I have speaking skills and a new understanding of how to get to people’s heart so they want to listen to what I have to say.”

Carla Hatchett Schwille, My Legacy of Love

“But Wait, There’s More …”

You’ll get some special bonuses along with the 60-Day Signature Talk Challenge. To speed up the process and make it even easier for you to create a talk that rocks.

  • The Foundation First planner takes you through the perfect planning process so you’re prepared to put together a talk that people want to hear.
  • Signature Talk with a Twist Flow shows you exactly how to create a talk that lands clients and sales, with powerful custom components so your talk connects (and converts) with more people. For more profits.
  • The Talk Title Template helps you find the name that nails it so people are dying to hear what you have to say.
  • 5 Powerful Openings Checklist gives you (surprise!) five powerful openings … to have them eating out of your hand from the moment you begin to speak. “How do I start my talk?” is one of the most common questions people ask. You’ll learn how to dive in with a splash.

And, you get tons more individual attention than other online programs offer. There’s a chance for Q-and-A in every call. Two sessions are entirely devoted to practice and feedback – the focus is on you, your talk and how to make it better.

Plus, you’ll be part of the 60-Day Signature Talk Challenge Group on Facebook. You can ask a question any time, brainstorm with your colleagues and take a bow for the progress you’re making. I’ll be in the Facebook group every day so you have access to me for the whole 8-week course and beyond.

Lynn Torre“The big thing I learned in Catherine’s Signature Talk Program was finding a way to compress my content while still grabbing the audience and providing value.

I have taken numerous speaking classes from both private coaches and through the National Speakers Association and I can honestly say that this series is the clearest, simplest and most practical I have ever taken.”

Lynn Torre, CFP – Money Success from the Inside Out

Catherine Marsden“Thank you for your Signature Talk Program. Your experience putting thoughts into words that engage and entertain will help me bring confidence to my talks.

Your simple formulas and blueprints made a complex subject manageable, and I found the exchange with the other small business owners insightful and interesting.

Catherine Marsden, Ardent Scope Marketing

You Have Questions?

Maybe you’re thinking, “That sounds fabulous, Catherine, but it’s summertime – I’ll be on vacation for a week and a half.”

Every session will be recorded so you can catch up on anything you miss. And you can connect with me in the Facebook group while you’re gone or when you get back; I’ll make sure you have everything you need so you don’t get behind.

questionsAnd listen, the reason to enroll in this class NOW is that you want to be ready for fall when networking meetings – and speaking opportunities – really take off. You’ll have your Signature Talk planned, practiced, and ready to roll so you can spend September speaking to your perfect audience and signing up new clients.

Worried about spending the money? It’s a drop in the bucket compared to the increase you’ll see in your own income as you add speaking to your business-building strategies.

Believe me, I know what it feels like. Needing more clients and not knowing how to get them. Thinking it might be by speaking … but not knowing what to say. Even speaking regularly, but randomly – getting in front of the wrong audiences, failing to enroll clients, spinning your wheels.

And yes, I know, you may have considered other ways to master speaking skills. Maybe you read a book about Ted talks. Or purchased one of those boxed-set courses on DVD. Maybe you took “Public Speaking” in college or business school … and had the same kind of results I did.

Here’s why the 60-Day Signature Talk Challenge is different.
  • 6 power-packed teleclasses loaded with content to help you plan, develop, and deliver the signature talk that will bring in clients like crazy. ($997 value)
  • 2 sessions where you step into the spotlight, try out your talk and learn by doing so you develop the confidence that comes with experience. ($397 value)
  • Flow sheets and templates and checklists that will save you hours of time and oodles of frustration ($697 value)
  • Ongoing access to your coach (that’s me) in a private group where you can ask any question and share every success. (Tough to put a dollar value on that!)

You’d expect to pay a couple of thousand dollars easily for all the value you’re getting … but you can enroll in the 60-Day Signature Talk Challenge for only $697.

Classes begin Tuesday, June 16 at 4pm Central

Count Me In

(Yes, the fast action special IS the fast action special. Don’t be whining on June 10 that the price has gone up. Go ahead and register now while you can still get the best deal.)

Listen, I know it’s an investment, even if it is a small investment for all the value you’re getting. I want you to be comfortable making that commitment. So, if you enroll in the class, attend every session – and do the action steps – and then in the end you’re not happy with your results … I’ll refund your money.

Sometimes I’ve waffled about investing in myself and my professional development – you might be doing the same thing. What I’ve found is that when I have valued my work and myself enough to say yes to learning new skills, my business – and my income – have grown.

I’d hate for you to be sitting in the same place a year from now. Still wondering how to connect with more clients. Still missing the money those clients would have paid you. Still doubting if you have what it takes to make a go of it.

Imagine not having to worry about that stuff anymore. Knowing that you can increase your income any time by speaking to a group of your ideal clients and offering something of value to the people who are a good fit for you. Think of the comfort and confidence that comes from having that possibility.

open-the-doorNow you could dither and dawdle and not make up your mind. (I do that sometimes, I’m sure you do too.)  Of course if you wait until the last minute to sign up for this course, it will cost you an extra $200.

And if you miss this opportunity altogether, who knows when you’ll have another chance to get this much business-boosting value for this relatively small investment.

So here you are again – at a crossroads. Take decisive action now and you’ll be commanding the room … connecting with your audience … and reaping the rewards before the summer’s out.

The possibilities for your personal and professional growth are enormous. And they’re literally seconds away. Just click on the “Count me in, Catherine” button, enter your information on the next page and you’re on your way.

Count Me In

PS …

There are a lot of ways to try to reach your market. You could send a postcard, put a picture on Pinterest, print an expensive brochure. You won’t find a more effective – or efficient – way to connect with new clients than getting in front of them with a signature talk. A talk that addresses their biggest challenges and their deepest desires. And lets them know that you’re what they’ve been looking for. It’s magic. And the magic is yours when you join me for the 60-Day Signature Talk Challenge.