Bizz Buzz is a weekly internet radio show where Michele Rempel and I buzz about bizz. We profile intriguing entrepreneurs who have inspiring stories and people whose business can help you grow and manage your business.

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Here are some of our favorite shows …

Gary Whitaker 417 Magazine

With all the news and information you could possibly want at your fingertips, it seems like a crazy risk to launch a new magazine, doesn’t it? Yet, that’s exactly what Gary Whitaker did as owner of 417 Magazine and

Dr. Margo Jacquot Juniper Center

What’s it like being in the dual role of licensed clinical psychologist and successful business owner? Do therapists make better business owners, or do they need their own therapists? Find out from Dr. Margo Jacquot, owner of the Juniper Center. (How does that make you feel?)

Mark Ingraham Triggr

Brand Identity. Brand Strategy. Building your brand. If you own a business, you know you are supposed to have a brand. And that somehow your brand is supposed to really “work” for you. How do you know that you have a good one? How do you know if need a new one? Does it really matter that much?

Here’s the buzz on brand identity and advertising from Mark Ingraham, Creative Director of Triggr.

Holly Rotman-Zaid Promotional Products

How could you use promotional products to attract interest in your business?  Holly Rotman-Zaid shares the buzz on how to take advantage background as a psychologist and artist to create marketing programs and choose promotional products that Inspire, Incent, Reward & Recognize.

Shannon Bednowicz Over 40 Females Chicago Chapter

Women over 40 Rock! At least, that’s the thinking behind Over 40 Females, a national networking organization that increasing awareness for the demographic and boosting pride and confidence for the generations of Over 40 Females to come.

Here’s the buzz from Shannon Bednowicz, director of the Over 40 Females Chicago chapter.

Eileen Kent Federal Sales Sherpa

Many small companies do business with the federal government (and make good money!), but figuring out how to become a contractor and market to the feds is daunting, to say the least.  That’s why you need to listen to Eileen Kent, the Federal Sales Sherpa! 

Marcy Gelber Travel Agent

You might think that travel agents have gone the way of the VCR; you’d think wrong. While there might not be as many travel agents around as there used to be before the internet, agents like Marcy Gelber thrive on helping clients book trips that actually meet up to expectations.  

Leanne Berry Mom Corps

Juggling home and work life can be a huge struggle for many women, wouldn’t you say? When women need flexible work opportunities to “have it all”, they can turn to Mom Corps. 

We got the buzz from Leanne Berry, president of Mom Corps Chicago, a  professional talent acquisition and career development firm that focuses on, you guessed it, moms.