Create an undeniable energy in the room.

If you’ve ever hired a speaker, you’ve experienced it.

In those few moments after they’re introduced and before they appear on stage, you wonder …

“Did I make the right choice?”

But it’s too late. The seats are filled. The audience is quiet in anticipation. Either this speaker will justify the faith you’ve put in them today … or they won’t.

And what if they don’t? Where will that leave you? It’s best not to think about it.

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But what if they do?

What if this speaker starts talking, and you can feel it in the first few minutes. The way she connects with the audience, creating an undeniable energy in the room. The way she talks not just to them but with them. As if it’s not a scripted presentation, the way it is with so many speakers, but a one-to-one conversation with many people at once.

As the minutes pass, you look out over the crowd, and see not a single person checking for texts. Their cell phones are safely tucked away in purses and pockets.

Yes, some are taking notes, that’s okay. It means she’s giving them something worth remembering. Something they can’t wait to try in their next sales conversation or department meeting.

And each time the audience laughs or smiles or participates in an interactive exercise you think …

“I definitely made the right choice.”

You suspected as much, of course, when she offered to help publicize the event weeks ago. And then again when she showed up early today, eager to help, and not all demanding.

But now you know for sure.

So you’re not surprised that when she finishes speaking, people don’t simply run for the exits. Many of them stay, wanting to ask her questions. To connect for just a few minutes longer.

You already know that when you reach out to the audience for feedback, it’ll be positive. Which will make it all the easier to fill the seats next time. And to get that budget increase you’ve been trying to push through.
All because you chose to hire somebody who understands not only what your audience needs to succeed, but also what you need.

Has this been your experience? Would you like it to be?

What do your people need the most help with?

Connection and communication in the workplace comes in all shapes and sizes, so it’s no surprise that the challenges your employees or members face do as well.

I’m always happy to customize a speaking event for your group. But if you’re not sure what you need, here are a few options that have proven to be popular:

Uninterruptible: Make Every Conversation Count

Getting the most out of conversations that happen over the phone or the web can be hard, particularly for those making sales calls or attending remote meetings.

But once somebody learns how to replace in-person cues with vocal nuance and subtle language shifts, it’s easy to build rapport and get results.

Help your people gain confidence, close deals, and be “present” at every meeting, whether they’re in the room or not.

Magnetic Introductions: How to Have Them at Hello

Rattling off an old school elevator pitch in the heat of the moment can be daunting for the giver and sometimes downright painful for the receiver.

But there’s a way to introduce ourselves that captures attention and tells the listeners everything they need to know in a quick, compelling way.

Help your people make meaningful, productive connections at networking events, association meetings, and social occasions.

Executive Presence: Embody Confidence and Charisma

Often the greatest obstacle to making a strong first impression is a lack of self-awareness about how we look, sound, and carry ourselves.

But with some guidance and practice, we can control and even leverage our physicality, voice, and habits to enhance our Personal Presence.

Help your people learn how to connect with others more intentionally, increase their influence, and be remembered.

From Furious to Curious: Cordial Conversations in a Polarized World

More than ever, the potential for misunderstanding and miscommunication in business is rampant, thanks in no small part to “tone deaf” technologies like texting and email.

This creates problems that interfere with productivity, civility, and the bottom line.

Help your people learn how to frame their interactions with co-workers and clients in a way that avoids confrontation and embraces connection.

Are you interested in learning more about one of these topics? Or maybe you have a custom topic you’d like to discuss?

Buy the book

You meet someone new. In a matter of seconds they make up their mind about you. They’re responding to your Presence: what people see when they look at you, what they hear when you speak, and how they feel when they’re around you.

If you’re not thrilled with the responses you get – if you don’t attract clients the way you’d like to … if you didn’t get the promotion you wanted … if you don’t make the money you ought to be making – it may very well be because you’re missing that powerful presence.

In Show Up and Shine, you’ll discover how to change the way you’re perceived. And that can change everything.


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