Your responses to the question I posed last week were so helpful. And…I have my work cut out for me, heading into a new year.

That work is developing the material from my radio days to share with audiences eager to focus on career transitions, hiding from success, and seizing opportunities.

Of course, my work also includes finding the right audiences—marketing myself and setting up speaking gigs.

Not that I plan to abandon what I’ve been doing, coaching people who need stronger communication skills and doing programs on professional presence, networking, and speaking with authority.

But it feels right to add to my repertoire, and the timing is perfect for a fresh approach, don’t you think?

I wonder what changes you’re making as we prepare to look at 2018 in the rearview mirror.

Maybe, like me, you’re adding something to the services you already provide. Maybe you’re tweaking what you offer. Maybe you’re contemplating a complete overhaul or a pivot to a whole new career.

Now’s the time, yes?

And here’s your opportunity to put your intention out into the world. It helps, I find, with commitment and follow-through. (And I’ll freely admit that follow-through is not my strong suit. The Strengths-Finder tells me that Adaptability is one of my strengths–that’s a nice way of saying I start things and don’t finish them.)

So, in the interest of making a New Year plan and sticking to it, tell us what 2019 holds for you. No, I don’t want to call it a “resolution.” I’m curious, though, about your plans for professional growth.

Post a comment below and share your intention. And if you need support to make it happen, now’s the perfect time to say so.

Here’s to a fabulous 2019 for all of us!