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Sick and tired of spinning your wheels
at those networking events?

Captivate Connect Cash In

It just makes sense that networking would be a fantastic way to grow your business. You meet people, they see what you can do for them and they hire you, right?

Well, if you’re like most business owners and professionals, it doesn’t quite work out that way. You try. God knows, you try. You go to a professional association or Chamber of Commerce or a leads group. You collect a bunch of cards and you hand yours out like candy to trick-or-treaters. But you almost never get a solid lead, much less an actual client.

wasting timeAnd what might be even worse are the casual conversations at a business function or maybe a social event. You meet somebody new, and it’s natural for them to ask, “What do you do?”

You sure wish you had a natural answer. Something you could say that didn’t feel cheesy. It’s gotten so bad you feel flustered and awkward every time you try to describe your work. And you’re beginning to dread those conversations.

It’s frustrating and demoralizing and you’re just about at the end of your rope.

You could give up networking, but you know the danger of staying in the office, hiding out behind your computer. Nobody meets new customers doing that.

But what if there were a way to be comfortable and confident talking about your business? What if you DID have something magnetic to say? Something that actually captured people’s interest? Made them eager to know more? Made them want to do business with you now?

Well, there is.

Captivate Connect Cash-in

It’ll have you knocking it out of the park the next time you speak about yourself and your work. Attracting the people who are hungry for the results you can give them. Generating leads and referrals like crazy.

  • You’ll start to feel confident and comfortable in every meeting where you have a chance to stand up and introduce yourself. (No more of that flustered feeling!)
  • You’ll know exactly what to say to have people leaning in, hanging on every word, eating out of the palm of your hand.
  • You’ll be able to have informal conversations about your work that open relationships and lead to sales.
  • You’ll relax and have fun when someone asks what you do. And you’ll see from the look in their eyes, how intrigued they are.
  • Because your message and your confidence are so magnetic, you’ll attract more clients and make more sales.

Here’s how we’ll make that happen. You and I will jump on the phone together, just the two of us in two private coaching sessions. We’ll create a message for you that will make people sit up and take notice, and discover why you’re the one for them.

In Session One, we’ll craft your stand-up introduction along with some variations on the theme. You’ll master the message, not memorize it … so you can confidently deliver a 30-second elevator speech, a quick 15-second introduction or a 2-minute description of your business.

You’ll develop a natural, conversational sound to help you connect with your listeners so they know you’re the right person for them. They’d be silly to spend their money with anybody else!

In Session Two, we’ll make the messaging more personal. So you won’t have to go through that weirdness when someone casually asks, “What do you do?” You’ll have the words to open a conversation and keep their attention. No more of their eyes glazing over as you talk. No more of you looking to make a quick exit.

You’ll be able to talk about the value you provide without sounding like a brochure or a sales page. So you can have a relaxed, human conversation that lays the groundwork for a profitable relationship.

Both calls will be recorded, so you don’t need to scramble to write things down. It’ll all be there for you; you can download it later and really get a good feel for how you sound. And how you want to sound. The language will be right there to make it easy for you to learn

What do I bring to the party?

So why would you want to take this journey to Captivating and Connecting … with me?

When I launched my own business, I was far from an expert at the elevator speech. But I got very good very quickly – by drawing on my skills from my first career in radio.

As a news reporter, I was an expert at telling just about any story in 25 seconds. With room at the end to say, “Catherine Johns, WLS News.”

Catherine Johns, WLS

Hosting my talk show was all about connecting in a deep, powerful, personal way with thousands of listeners. One person at a time. Which is exactly the skill you need when you’re speaking to a group, if you want to have the kind of impact it takes to make them reach for their wallet.

And my years as a morning show side-chick prepared me well to be clear, clever and confident. To speak with energy and enthusiasm (even if it was 5 AM!) and to dance with whatever craziness the boys might create. This turns out to be excellent training for networking conversations.

So I discovered I was a natural at networking, thanks to all those years as a radio personality. And now, as a coach, I show my clients how to do the same things. To get out of the boring introduction rut, to have real conversations with real impact, and to make magic with their listeners.

That’s what I plan to do for you. Because I want you to talk about your work easily and effortlessly. Keep people’s interest and make them want to know more. Open the door to profitable relationships with clients and referral partners.

But you don’t have to take my word for it …

Hilary Burkinshaw“It has never been easy to explain what I do for a living. Elevator pitches were a nightmare, even the standard two-minute introduction at a meeting was challenging.

It took Catherine about 10 minutes to refine and define the statements I had been struggling with for 20 years. She showed me how to inject some real personality into even the most mundane material.

The increase in confidence alone is worth the investment.”

Hilary Burkinshaw, CP504

Cara Lindell“Having a way for our clients to easily refer our services is worth its weight in gold! We needed a succinct, elegant and memorable way to convey who we help best and what we do.

Catherine’s process helped me to simplify, simplify, simplify to derive a sound bite that works! Now I have the confidence to network and speak knowing I have a great answer to the question ‘what do you do?’.”

Cara Lindell, Kinectic Konnections

Oh, and I want you to have a little something extra. You’ll get a checklist to Make Your Introduction Sizzle with hypnotic language. It’ll show you how to have them eating out of your hand with the way you talk about what you do for your clients.

You might be thinking, “This sounds great, Catherine. But I don’t want to take time now to finesse my audio logo. Maybe down the road, but it’s just not a priority for me.”

Here’s something to think about. Every time you introduce yourself, you have a chance to make a connection that can lead to a sale. You also have a chance for things to go south. How many more blown opportunities can you afford?

real-priceYou may have played around with some kind of introduction template, maybe you’ve written out a whole elevator speech. Or maybe you thought giving the thing some other cutesy name would make a difference.

Here’s the thing. Templates are fine if you want a cookie cutter intro that sounds just like everybody else’s. But you don’t.

Writing it out works if someone’s reading your website. If you’re talking to them, not so much.

And it really doesn’t matter what you call it; if you own a business you need a way to stand up and speak out about your work so you can attract clients. Avoiding the “elevator speech” label doesn’t make you any more effective.

Spending a couple hours with me will make you more effective. Because we’ll get to the heart of the value you offer and find the exact words … and tone … that will convey that value every time you answer the question you used to dread: “What do you do?”

You’d expect this kind of live, real-time, individual attention from an expert would cost a lot. And normally, you’d be right.

But because you’re part of the Get Seen, Get Known community. And because nailing your introduction is imperative if you want to get seen and get known, you can enroll right now for only $297.

You’ll get an email from me as soon as you sign up. And we’ll schedule your Captivate and Connect Consulting Sessions so you have an introduction you can start using immediately to attract new business and make more money.

count me in

You already know how much it costs you to miss out on the connections you could be making … if you knew how to captivate the people you run into at networking meetings and social events. And you know how frustrating it is to keep missing the mark.

appointments for conversationsThose are exactly the things you need to profit from the time you spend networking and from the informal conversations you’re having anyway every day. And this small investment of $297 will put you solidly on the path to those profits.

It would be silly to put this off, considering that you’ll be able to start generating more income with the first business meeting you go to.

Enroll now for only $297.

count me in

PS – Because my creative wheels will start turning as soon as you register, the work has begun even before our first conversation. So there are no refunds. You’ll get enormous value out of our time together; my clients are wowed by the results they get and I know you will be too.

PPS – You’ve felt the frustration long enough. Wondering what to say about your business, how to describe what you do, how to make yourself magnetic. Now’s the time to put all those concerns to rest so you really can captivate your listeners, connect with potential clients … and turn “No, thanks” into “How soon can we start?”