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Who’s Influencing Whom? And How?

I’m recovering from surgery. If all went according to plan, I have a couple of newly realigned vertebrae, with pins to keep them where they belong as they heal. Fortunately, I also have meds to keep me from crawling the walls while that healing happens. Spinal surgery is a little scary. It’s been four years since my last experience with post-surgical rehab and my observations about how easily we can catch each other’s moods, for better or worse. And emotional states are contagious You know how you’ll see someone yawn and right away yawn yourself? The same thing goes on with facial expressions, even quick, subtle ones. Postures, gestures, and tones of voice can have similar impact.


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Business Communication, Mindset

Your Work: Growing, Flowing, or …

How do you think about your business or your career right now? Are you relaunching after a pandemic slowdown? Cultivating new leads? Building back better? If you were part of the Great Resignation, you might be looking for your next gig. Is it a job search? Or a hunt for the perfect position? Do you want to climb the corporate ladder? Or strike out on an entrepreneurial path of your own? Have you been on the fast track or stuck in neutral? The metaphors we use speak volumes about our attitudes, beliefs, and feelings. And they often have a big impact on the outcomes we achieve.


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The People You Serve

What problem do your clients or customers have?

If they’re like most of us, they have plenty of problems.

You likely solve one specific problem for them, though. What is that problem? The one that nags at them. The one they know they need to solve if they’re going to succeed. The one that practically begs for your expertise. Listening to business owners who are looking to launch or grow their companies lately, I’ve noticed how many of them struggle with “What problem do your customers have?” Their responses are surprisingly mushy, hesitant … they seem to be talking around the issue, feeling their way toward an acceptable answer. No wonder they’re running into roadblocks as they seek funding or other support … or clients. It’s hard to get a handle on what they do … and for whom. Much less on why anyone would want it.


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Becoming More of Who You Are

Ever wish you could be a little bit different? Who doesn’t, right? “If only I had that skill.” “How come I can’t do that?“ “Too bad I don’t have the innate talent my colleague seems to have for …” well, for whatever they’re especially good at. A thousand times I’ve looked at someone who is well-organized, focused, and strategic—and fervently wished to be more like them. Sadly, those just aren’t my gifts. Except here’s the thing. It’s not really sad at all.


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Put the Power of Three to Work for You

When was the last time you called to touch base with a friend for no reason at all? Or you sent a text with no mission in mind other than to let someone know you were thinking of them? Or you shot off a quick email, just to say hi? You might guess those random contacts would be unwelcome interruptions in their busy day. Who has time to respond to a quick hello, a remark about the weather, or a waving emoji? Turns out if that’s your assumption, you’re mistaken. (And I was right there with you.)


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