Free Your Voice and Have More Impact

Free Your Voice and Be Heard

Do you sometimes feel you’re being overlooked, interrupted and even ignored?

Does it seem that someone else always gets credit for your good ideas?

Are you finally ready to change all that?

Free Your Voice

Discover How with Lisa Kaplin and Catherine Johns
Thursday, June 23

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You have great ideas … but you’re not sure colleagues and clients know about them.
  • audienceYou find yourself shrinking in meetings, skipping opportunities to speak up and play a bigger role.
  • You wonder if people really take you seriously. If they know how much you know. And if they have any idea how much you could help them.
  • You hold back from saying what you really think for fear that somebody will be angry or hurt. Even with family or friends, you tend to play it safe rather than speaking your truth.
  • When you do talk, it seems as if people interrupt you a lot. Or talk over you. Or just act as if they didn’t hear what you said; they don’t take you seriously.
  • Sometimes you worry about what you said. You replay conversations in your mind, concerned about the impression you left, wishing you’d done things differently.
  • You yearn to speak with confidence and charisma. You know the impact you could have. But you find yourself holding back

Even if you see yourself in all of these, there is hope. A lot of hope, in fact. You can find your voice, stand your ground and put your brilliance out in the world. And feel good doing it.

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Free Your Voice and Have More Impact
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Lisa Kaplin and Catherine Johns will show you

  • How to develop your natural authority
  • How to be the person others listen to … and respect
  • How to stand up for yourself in any situation
  • How to feel more powerful (and if the thought of being powerful makes you nervous, you really need to be in this workshop)

Lisa KaplinWhat do Lisa and Catherine know about Having Impact?

Lisa Kaplin, psychologist and life coach, will show you how to change your mindset and find your voice in a way that you never thought possible! Lisa is a nationally known professional speaker. She has a doctoral degree in psychology, and as a certified life coach, she’s also a popular blogger featured in Yahoo, MSN, Huffington Post, Fox, Lifetime Moms, and more.

Lisa’s passion is to help women find their voice, get confident, and achieve their goals. She is an advocate, motivator, and teacher of women’s empowerment. Lisa’s unique blend of education and experience gives her the ability to really hear women, validate them, and guide them as they change their lives through their own voice and confidence.

Linda Bogot, Testimonial

Catherine-JohnsA one-time wallflower, Catherine Johns developed her own powerful presence learning to hold her own in the boys’ club of broadcasting. It takes a ton of confidence and a way with words to play full-out on the radio with colleagues and callers. Now she brings the same spirit to workshops and keynotes.

Catherine works with entrepreneurs and professionals who want to get more clients, have more impact and make more money. With a powerful introduction at a networking event, a seminar for potential clients or a keynote speech. Catherine coaches business owners who know that cutting through the blahblah will boost their influence. And their income.

You might say Catherine wrote the book on finding your voice. The author of Show Up and Shine: Simple Steps to Boost Your Confidence and Charisma, Catherine says it’s time for women to develop their Presence and take their place … not just “at the table” but at the front of the room.

Charlene Hope, Testimonial

Join us for Free Your Voice and Have More Impact
on Thursday, June 23 … 9:30 – 4:30
(Registration and networking begin at 9:00)

The Log Cabin
at Central United Methodist Church
8237 Kenton Avenue in Skokie
(A few blocks from Oakton and Skokie Boulevard
and the CTA’s Yellow Line)

Reserve Your Seat Today – just $197



What can you expect when you spend a day with us?

This is a roll-up-your-sleeves-and-do-it workshop. There’s no sitting back just taking notes. It’ll be full-on interactive learning! Catherine and Lisa bring the power of presence (and humor) to their workshops. You can bring your questions, your doubts, and yes, even your fears. Let’s get you speaking up so you can share your message with the world and have the business or career you’ve dreamed of.

Lisa will show you

  • How to identify the negative messages you may be giving yourself
  • How that internal dialogue hurts you and actually steals your voice
  • How to stop the self-talk and change it
  • How changing the messages will make your voices more clear and powerful

And with Catherine you’ll learn

  • Her 3-step system for complete confidence in front of anyone
  • How to literally make your voice more powerful
  • The language that’s been standing in your way
  • New speech patterns that will give you the oomph you long to have so you get the results you deserve


Sheila Bush, Testimonial

You’ll leave Free Your Voice with specific strategies to help you speak your truth so you have more authority, credibility and way more opportunities – in your professional AND personal life.

Lisa and Catherine have worked with women just like you. And they’ve seen the transformation that happens when those women start to speak their truth. It’s time for you, too, to step into professional changes, shifting family dynamics, healthier friendships – and more.

Okay – now it’s time to click on the button. See you on June 23!

“Yes, I’m ready to Free My Voice and Have More Impact!”

Reserve Your Seat Today – just $197