What does it take to be heard?

Whether it’s speaking to a crowd, in a virtual meeting, or in a phone conversation, driving our message home gets us where we need to go. That’s how we achieve our professional goals. Like closing a sale, earning a promotion, or launching a whole new career.

That’s not always an easy thing to do. But it can be.

Connecting with Others is a Skill, as Well as a Talent

Let me share a secret with you.

The ability to make a strong first impression, influence and persuade people, spread ideas. To get seen, get heard, and get raises … most people aren’t born with that.

Even the smartest, most talented people in the world can have trouble saying the right words in the right way to make the impact they need to make.

That’s the good news.

Because it means these skills can be developed.

This is what I offer. Simple, concrete steps to strengthen critical communication skills. And I do it in a way that’s fun and that sticks.

Catherine speaking
Do you represent a business organization, association, or women’s group? You can help your people connect with each other and with the world more powerfully and persuasively … and have fun doing it.
Catherine coaching
Do you need more personal attention than a speaking event offers? For smaller groups or even one-on-one, coaching sessions may be the right way to go.

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Are People The Problem?

Are People The Problem?

You might call them clients. Customers. Users. Patients. Or patrons. Whatever we call them, most of us serve somebody with the product we produce or the service we provide. Some of us come face to face with the people we serve in what are often called “front line positions.” The analyses of the Great Resignation point to a quest for higher pay, better hours, and more stability as people decide it’s time to move on. They’re leaving the leisure, hospitality, and retail industries in particular, in unprecedented numbers. While some critics grumble about lazy workers coasting on unemployment and pandemic relief payments, most experts say the 40-million or so people who quit their jobs last year are not sitting around today eating bonbons. They’re back at work. Something's wrong ...

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Substance, Style, and You

Substance, Style, and You

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who’s inspired not only Ukrainians but much of the western world started in the world of comedy. You likely know he played a high school teacher who improbably became president on a TV show, Servant of the People. From there Zelensky ran for president in real life, with a campaign comprised mostly of stand-up gigs and YouTube videos. He’s emerged as a world leader since Russia invaded Ukraine and instead of fleeing to safety, he stayed in Ukraine to lead the fight.
There’s a remarkable story there. What does that have to do with you? Read on ...

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What Does Your Face Tell Us?

What Does Your Face Tell Us?

If we want to be excellent at our profession, whatever it is, we need feedback to help us get there. When it comes to speaking, the best public speakers always solicit feedback. That’s how they get to be the best; they’re always learning how to improve. And speakers aren’t alone in this, are they? Professionals in any area who move ahead are the ones who seek feedback on their work, and then act on the input they get from colleagues, coaches, and clients. On the flip side, there’s an art to offering feedback they can act on, that gives them something useful, that really supports their development.

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