If your inbox is anything like mine, it’s full of suggestions to review the year just ending and to set goals, make plans and commit yourself for 2018.

It’s a useful exercise, I know. And yet I always find it quite challenging. Not the review part—I have a pretty good handle on what I accomplished this past year. Naturally, I have an even better handle on where I fell short.

Maybe you’re the same way? Somehow the failures and missteps and not-quites always loom larger in the rear-view mirror than the achievements. It occurs to me that changing the mirror might be one good goal for the coming year.

Looking back at year-ends, I see that I committed last year to write my second book in 2017. Here’s the thing. I’d also committed to write my second book in 2016! And no, my second book is still not written.

Can we agree that third time’s the charm? Here’s to my new book, wrapped up and ready to read in 2018.

I did make good on my weekly newsletter commitment; here I am, writing the 52nd article for this year. That’s some serious follow-through, don’t you think?

I also aimed for more and better speaking engagements this past year. My calendar tells me I should have been more specific. Yes, it does reflect “more”…but not nearly “more enough.” Looks like I need to quantify my speaking engagement goal.

That’s one thing the productivity experts recommend—attaching a number to every objective. Of course, they’re full of suggestions. If you’ve discovered a goal-setting system that’s worked well for you, I’d love to hear about it.

And I’m sure I’m not alone. There wouldn’t be so many get-it-done authorities hyping their programs if there weren’t millions of us trying to figure out how to achieve more personal and professional success in 2018.

This week between Christmas and New Year’s Day is a natural time for reflection and intention-setting. Aside from flipping the page on the calendar, work slows down for most of us. This is when we have the time and space for some self-examination.

On tap for me: HeadStart 2018 from Commit Action. Last year I did, well, let’s call it a “Head-HALF-Start”—I didn’t finish the whole workshop, but even the exercises I did do were valuable. My intention is to work through the whole series in the next few weeks, setting the stage for a more productive (and profitable!) year to come.

And, this seems like a good time to follow through on a bit of reflection I’ve been meaning to get around to since June.

You know I’m a Seth Godin fan. I was struck by his suggestion to Make Two Lists.

An inventory of resources, things I know, and people who trust me should be a valuable reminder when I’m feeling stuck.

And paying attention to leverage and momentum will help me stay focused on what’s working well for me. It might even be the key to changing that rear-view mirror.

What about you? Share your assessment of the year just ending and your commitment for 2018 in the comments below. And if you’ve found the key to setting goals and following through on them, I can’t wait to hear about it.