Speakers are by no means the only ones who need a crystal clear Point of View, although it’s certainly important for us.

You might know I’m in a speaking program with Suzanne Evans and Larry Winget. We spent a full day of our boot camp last week making sure every one of the 146 people in the room had a crisp, clear and marketable Point of View.

POV is a statement that sums up what we deeply believe about our subject and what we say from the front of the room. We may not use the exact words of our POV in a speech … but it should be a thread running through our talks.

Your POV shows up in your marketing too. In your blog or newsletter. In your social media posts. And of course in your conversations with clients and customers and colleagues.

Your POV is an opinion. Your opinion, to be exact. It’s what you want the world to know. It may be what you want to teach us.

Your POV sets you apart from other people who do similar work. It’s probably polarizing – signaling some people that you’re not for them while it draws others to you like a magnet.

In fact one of the POV problems people had was being unwilling to take a stand, fearful of offending, nervous about nailing down a position. Some tried umpteen times to come up with a pithy statement about what they believed; Larry called it “throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks.”

That’s no way to develop a point of view; a committee can’t tell you what you believe about your subject, your expertise, your work.

And whatever work you do, I assure you a strong POV will help you find the people who need what you have to offer. And let them know that you’re the one for them.

My own point of view (you already know this if you read my articles or hear me speak): Most people talk too much and say too little. The blahblah is bad for your business.

Your turn. I’ve been challenging my clients to articulate their point of view; the driving force that shows up in their coaching, healing or financial advice. Point is, it doesn’t matter what field you’re in. You will be more successful if you have a strong POV.

So comment below to tell us your point of view. We’ll need the context – what kind of work do you do? And then, what is your POV?

Just to get you started, here are some examples from my SPEAK colleagues:

  • Too many people never take any action toward what they say they want most, and then they wonder why they don’t have it.
  • If you’re not online, you don’t exist.
  • Your thoughts make you fat!
  • You’re not financially free because you’re shackled to your excuses.
  • If you aren’t doing everything you can to protect yourself online, you deserve everything that WILL happen to you!
  • The fastest way to build credibility and make 6 figures is to host live events.
  • Small business owners don’t make enough money because they don’t market their businesses.
  • Many women would rather risk their lives than risk offending a stranger.
  • You do not need a college degree to be successful.

Okay, your turn. I can’t wait to read your POV.