It’s that time of year for looking back. And looking ahead. I wondered what you did in 2016 that stands out … and what big plans 2017 you’re making for your business.

Diana SchneidmanDiana Schneidman, Freelance Writer at Stand Up 8 Times

  • 2016 accomplishment: returned to weekly blogging after taking time off. I have something to say of value and I’m saying it.
  • Biggest intention: To publish more ebooks on Amazon.
  • If I had a 2016 re-do: I always wish I had accomplished more. But I have to say, I worked at my right pace and did my best.

Michele MaloMichele Malo, Wellness Coach & Personal Trainer

  • 2016 accomplishment: Finally deciding I am worth it and getting out of my own way. I hired a business coach, let go of clients, revamped my program and I am now set up for more revenue.
  • Big intention for 2017: Launching with intention my new website and VIP Wellness program, Bringing out women’s inner badass. Actively networking and speaking to get the word out.
  • If I had a 2016 re-do: I would have done all of this last year, I was so paralyzed by my financial situation that I made business decisions not out of strategy but out of panic. An injury provided one excuse after another for everything. Time to move upward and onward.

Kris CichowskiKris Cichowski, Consultant on Disability Inclusion and Family Caregiving

  • 2016 accomplishment: Moving forward to create a speaking series in the midst of intense pain and compromised functionality – dominant wrist completely destroyed and rebuilt. Finding the balls (strength) to get in front of an audience and just lay it out there as best I could. Muscling up my Power To Be.
  • Intention for 2017: Lay out a marketing plan so I can stay on course with my business and life purpose.
  • If I had a 2016 re-do: Trash the self-trash-talk. It serves no purpose and only gets in the way of being your best.

Lisa RudeLisa Rude, Nia Instructor

  • 2016 accomplishment: My Nia training has been a life changer for me.
  • Intention for 2017: I would very much like to publish the book that my friend and I are writing. That definitely feels like a big intention.
  • Lesson learned: “He (she) who hesitates is lost.” I learned that self-doubt, being overcautious, and/or seeking approval can be self-defeating behaviors. I experienced and recognized these as avoidance behaviors and then did something about it! I learned how to feel self-assured as I boldly went forward, got in touch with my courageous self and succeeded truly beyond my expectations.

Michael LudwigMichael Ludwig, Financial Advisor

  • 2016 accomplishment: I doubled my business this year. Working with you certainly helped me achieve this. Thank you.
  • Intention for 2017: Build my business to full-time status. I’m currently working a full-time job and working my business part-time. And, I intend to grow enough that I need to hire employees!
  • If I had a 2016 re-do: I wouldn’t let my fears stop me from pursuing my dreams! I wouldn’t “settle” for what was easy. I now understand, I need to persevere through my doubts

Melissa LagowskiMelissa Lagowski, founder of Big Buzz Idea Group

  • 2016 accomplishment: I am THRILLED to have officially launched our new nonprofit services this year! It makes my heart sing to be able to support nonprofits and Executive Directors who are making a difference!
  • Our biggest intention of 2017 is to grow our team so that we can serve more nonprofits than ever before!
  • Lesson Learned: There are always lessons to be learned, right? We had hoped to find our new office in the spring; it ended up taking us until July to find it and September to move in. We also secured our first business loan ever in 2016, and that also took longer than we anticipated. So I have been reminded (several times) that everything has its own schedule. In the future I plan to allow a better cushion to allow for unexpected delays.

And then there’s me …

This feels like a huge accomplishment: you’re reading my 52nd newsletter for 2016. It was a big deal for me to commit to writing every week and I’ve done that since September of 2014.

It’s a shift for me—to follow through and make it happen. I’m proud of this work; I especially love it when you respond to something I’ve written. And I encourage my clients to find a way to stay in touch with their people.

And then before I get carried away, there’s this. Last year I wrote: “My friend Kelly Epperson tells me I already have the makings of my next book in some of the articles I’ve shared with you. That was welcome news! So I’m saying right now 2016 will see book number two from me.”

Fessing up here. 2016 did NOT see book number two from me. As Melissa Legowski said, everything has its own schedule. So, here’s to a book in 2017. (This is standing up again …)

Kelly and I are bringing back On the Page & On the Stage for coaches, consultants and professionals who are ready to put their genius out into the world – on the page and on the stage. Save the date: March 10, 2017.

And coming up on January 13, a special version of Words that Wow for counselors, social workers and psychologists. Who are so good at communicating with their clients, and not as good at the marketing-talk that will attract new clients.

I intend to do more speaking to more groups in the coming year. My calendar’s filling up for the first quarter with an interesting mix of audiences including corporate executives, auto shop service consultants … and Girl Scouts. (I told you it was an interesting mix.)

And I’m committing to some serious sales efforts to keep booking those dates. Feel free to hold me to it. (And oh, by the way, if you belong to a group that needs a good speaker, call me!)

My year-end self-assessment included some help from Life Purpose Coach Cindy Dove zeroing in on the clients I can best serve. They come in two categories.

One is people who are prepping for a specific speaking opportunity—something that’s important enough to them that they’re willing to invest some time and money in doing well. That’s a short term engagement, a session or two and they’re good to go.

And then there are the people who have something to say, a message the world needs to hear, a real need to put themselves out there…and yet they hold back. My gift is helping individuals who are right on the cusp develop the confidence and the skills to stop hiding and start speaking. Okay, to show up and shine.

Thank you for reading, responding and using what we talk about here to increase your impact, grow your business and boost your career. I’m pleased and honored to be in touch with you.

And if you didn’t get a chance to share it in advance, by all means tell us what you’re up to for 2017 in the comments.