Speak Up Stand Out and Win

Stand Up Speak Out and Win
Stand Up Speak Out and Win

Maybe you’re afraid they won’t like you if you say what you really think.

Maybe you hold back from expressing yourself fully. You don’t want to be called a bitch.

Maybe you’ve tried speaking up. And you were interrupted. Or talked over. Or ignored.

If you’ve tuned into women’s conversations during the lead-up to the election—and the aftermath—you’ve heard a lot of talk about this kind of thing.

Whether they voted for her or not, many women chafed at the personal criticism of Hillary Clinton. (She’s too shrill. She’s too old. She sounds like a nag. She really should smile more. She’s not very likable. And, not to be forgotten, “Trump that Bitch.”)

Why was it so upsetting? Not because we’re delicate flowers. But because we know, don’t we, that people have been saying all the same things about other women for years. And those attitudes have held women back from full participation in politics–and in business.

Too many of us have internalized the rules that say nice girls speak softly, smile often, and mask their true feelings to keep the peace.

I say it’s time to break the rules.  Are you in?

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If you’re ready for a stronger, firmer voice.
For words that carry weight with your colleagues, your clients and your kin.
For a newfound confidence in the way you express yourself.
And for the professional success that comes with all that …

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9:30 – 12:30
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Imagine the impact on your business when you’re not afraid to ask for the sale. Or the referral. Or the testimonial. When you’re no longer reluctant to set limits with your clients. When you stop undercharging and over-delivering. When you speak your mind and get respect.

Now let’s turn that image into reality.

Register now for this powerful workshop. Your investment is $97. Your return? You’ll be set to start the New Year with a strong, confident voice so you get the respect—and the success—you deserve.

Register for Speak Up Stand Out and Win

Come break the rules with me! See you on December 2 …