Signature Talk • Signature Profits

The fastest way to build a new client list is to physically speak in front of them.”
– David Neagle, Master Income Acceleration Mentor


Maybe you’re doing some speaking … and it’s not bringing in clients. Maybe you get a lot of polite applause, but that’s not what you need. Or – maybe you’re not speaking at all. Because you’re afraid. Or you just don’t know what to say.

Your business isn’t where you want it to be. You see people who do pretty much what you do … but they’re having much more success. It’s frustrating. And you wrack your brain trying to figure out how to get clients. (Advertising, social media, begging …)

What if all that changed? What if you had a compelling signature talk that gives people a clear picture of your expertise? Your brilliance? And most important … how you can help them.

microphoneWhat if you had the confidence to deliver that talk to groups that include perfect clients so you could draw those people in like steel shavings to a magnet?

What if you knew exactly where to find those ideal audiences? And how to position yourself as the speaker for them?

What if you built so much momentum … that there was a line out to the lake of people wanting to work with you? Reaching for their credit cards. Because when they’re that eager, it becomes easy to enroll them as clients.

What if you didn’t have to spend so much time going to networking events … collecting business cards … following up. Speaking is like networking on steroids. You connect with so many more solid leads in one fell swoop.

We all have to spend some time in outreach if we want to stay in business, much less grow our business. But people who speak … they get some of that time back.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? And most people can’t make it all happen on their own. I know I couldn’t. Good news: You don’t have to do it on your own. You have me to guide you and support you … and maybe nudge you a little bit.

Why me? You know my exotic broadcasting background – literally speaking to thousands of people at a time. I’ve coached corporate executives at some of the biggest, most successful companies in America. I’ve helped hundreds of people craft their compelling signature talk and deliver it with confidence and charisma.

For an entrepreneur, giving speeches is an everyday task and an essential skill.”
– Richard Branson, Billionaire Businessman



Signature Talk • Signature Profits is the fast-track way to discover what to say, how to say it, and who you should be speaking to, so your talks bring you business. In six powerful teleclasses, you will…

arrow-bulletDevelop your Signature Talk with a Twist. The message that resonates with your perfect people and makes them eager to work with you (Value $597)
arrow-bulletActivate your Authentic Signature Presence. Your comfort and confidence create the connection your listeners crave. (When they buy you, they buy in.) (Value $397)
arrow-bulletMap your Path to Signature Profits. Who needs your message? How will you get in front of them? And how will you transform that connection to clients and cash? You’ll discover how to hit the target on all three! (Value $297)

I have taken numerous speaking classes from both private coaches and through the National Speakers Association, and and I can honestly say that this series is the clearest, simplest and most practical I have

ever taken.”

– Lynn Torre, Money Success Coach



arrow-bulletSignature Talk with a Twist Blueprint shows you how to create a Signature Talk that lands clients and sales, plus powerful custom components so your talk connects (and converts) with more people. For more profits. (Value $197)
arrow-bulletTalk Title Template helps you find the name that nails it so people are dying to hear what you have to say. (Value $97)
arrow-bullet5 Powerful Openings Checklist gives you (surprise!) five powerful openings … to have them eating out of your hand from the moment you begin to speak. (Value $97)
arrow-bulletFAST ACTION BONUS! The first 5 people to sign up for Signature Talk • Signature Presence will get a private Personal Presence with me in person or on Skype. Your Presence puts your signature on the talk. This one-on-one session will show you how to move your audience from “Ho hum” to “Oh Wow!” (Value $297)
Total Value: $1979Your Investment: only $697!


We’ll hold Six Sessions on Mondays at 3 pm CST, 4 pm EST. February 23 – March 16 + March 30 and April 6.

Each class will be recorded so if you miss one you can listen later. But when you’re on the call in real time, you’ll be able to ask questions, try out your material and learn from the group.

I can’t wait to work with you on YOUR Signature Talk. I know you’re going to wow your audience … and grow your business.