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No matter where you are right now in your business or career, you can be even more successful when you become a master at communication. That means that every time you speak, you say exactly what you want people to know … and you say it in a way that makes them want to listen. True mastery means speaking comfortably and confidently, whether you’re talking to one person or 100 – or more. Successful speakers have five things going for them:

Clarity: When your offer is clear, your ideal clients and customers are drawn to you. They know how your service or product will benefit them, and they know what they’ll get in return for the time and money they invest with you.

Confidence: Imagine yourself completely certain of the value you bring to your clients, and even to people who think about becoming your clients. You stand in front of prospects relaxed, strong, and comfortable in your own skin. And that makes you magnetic.

Command: When you’re in command of a room, people experience you as a leader. They trust that you can also lead them to a more successful business, a better investment plan, or the new home of their dreams … Whatever you’re persuading people to do, they’re more likely to say yes when they perceive you as a natural leader.

Connection: Relationship begins with connection. It’s not about manipulating. It is about creating the climate in which someone wants to do business with you, or partner with you, or learn from you. No matter what you’re trying to accomplish, you’re more likely to get there when people can feel connected to you.

Charisma: It all adds up to Charisma. Charismatic people have influence, sometimes in subtle ways. Success in business depends on influencing people – clients, colleagues, employees, bosses, potential partners, and others. A person with charisma doesn’t have to work as hard to make the sale or cement the deal or get the promotion. Because most communication happens at the non-conscious level, charisma lays the foundation that supports the content of our offer.

You’ll develop all these skills and more in Confidence, Charisma & Cash: Turn More of Your Prospects into Profits. You’ll discover the keys to becoming a more dynamic speaker. You’ll learn connect with your audience. And you’ll have some fun in the process!

In this personalized coaching program you will:

    • Discover the specific physical skills that create each component of successful speaking
    • Learn how to use them and balance them depending on your message – and your audience
    • Develop a crystal clear message that tells people why they need what you have to offer
    • Enjoy more comfort and experience less stress about speaking
    • Engage your audience so it’s easier to get agreement or get the business
    • Have more influence in business and personal interactions – more influence means more business for you and more satisfaction in your relationships

Ready for that skyrocket? Take the first step – arrange your complimentary consultation with me. Let’s create a plan for you to start speaking for success TODAY.


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